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Bijoux en céramique

Rozenthal Jewelry was launched in 2016 by Latvian ceramic designer, creator and owner Madara Rozentale.

Inspiration for Rozenthal Jewelry collections come from shapes and colors found in nature. They are simple, pure, lightweight and enjoyable.

Each piece is made in Author’s technique. Marble pattern and hand painted precious metal coat makes every piece unique and unrepeatable.

“My name is Madara Rozentāle and I’m ceramic designer from Riga, Latvia. I have Master degree of Visually Plastic Arts from Art academy of Latvia and I have more than 15 years experience with ceramics design.

That fall I was on Erasmus+ program and traveled to Barcelona where I spent 6 months. I learnt new ceramic design techniques. I had great inspiration, my head was full of ideas, one of them being use of pigmented porcelain, and so I made many sketches.

In March 2016 Rozenthal Jewelry brand was born and I made my first collection. I was thrilled to see how welcoming my brand was taken locally and it still is. My ideas keep on evolving and I can’t stop coming up with new items all the time. I get inspired by nature – starting from tree branches and flower petals to cloudy sky and rough cliffs. “